Stream ShowBox On ChromeCast

ShowBox is an application that has enticed people to watch movies on their small screens. With this application, users have started loving the idea of streaming movies on the smartphones. ShowBox, no doubt, has become one of the best entertaining app available in the market. It streams movies, videos, TV series and songs on the phone anytime and anywhere. ShowBox can entertain you while you’re rolling in bed or sitting in the train, whatever be the circumstance.

There are many features available in ShowBox that are enough to attract interested users or; for instance, users can download movies for free, explore through a huge library of awesome movie collection, choose movies and watch them  in any languages they want, flexible subtitles. For example, imagine you want to watch a movie that is only available in Italian language. In this case, with ShowBox you can choose to watch that movie with subtitles of your choice of language.

These are just the basic features we are looking at. The recent incorporation of new facilities in ShowBox like Chromecast, it has got an edge over its competitors. ChromeCast has really worked amazingly well for ShowBox. So, let’s see how we can use it with our devices.

What is ChromeCast?

ChromeCast is a small device that connects phone with your television. This enables users to cast their pictures, videos, movies, applications available in your phone on to the big screen. You just need to connect the device to the tv HDMI port, and it’s all done.

Furthermore, to run ChromeCast on your device, you need to install either MX Player or GrowBox as well as LocalCast or AllCast.

Let’s follow the steps to stream ChromeCast on your smartphones.

Stream ChromeCast easily

Step 1 – Download GrowBox or MX Player as per your convenience.

Step 2 – Install the application and wait for few seconds.

Step 3 – Then, download and install AllCast or LocalCast. ChromeCast won’t work without either of them.

Step 4 – ShowBox by default uses internal movie player. Uncheck the box below the movie tab.

Step 5 – Now, when you play movie through ShowBox, you will be prompted to choose a movie player. Choose AllCast.

Step 6 –  From AllCast, select ChromeCast to run the movie.

With this you’ll be able to stream your movie on your television screen.


ShowBox is an excellent application that is taking people by storm. Undoubtedly, ShowBox is running well on devices like Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS and PCs. Due to its high demand and tremendous growth rate, ShowBox has turned into one of the best free movie streaming application.
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With the introduction of ChromeCast, ShowBox that taken a leap in its demand as well as in its entertainment value. It has become quite easy and simple for interested users to play movies on the big screen in seconds. What more can we ask for?