Top 7 Music Players for listening to your favorite music

Music can be calming or make you groove. Who doesn’t love music? We all have a vast collection of our favorite music in different genres. Some enjoy loud music, and others prefer soothing and calm music. Some listen to music for the meaning it conveys, and others only go for the beats.

Now people prefer different devices for listening music. But since all prefer music on the go, which makes our Android phones the most reached out device. So let’s  talk about the top 7 music players to listen to your favorite music.


The poweramp music player is the top ranked music app even though it is a paid app. It is the favorite of Android users who are in love with the music. The best thing is that they offer a 15 day trial with all features for helping the listeners decide whether to purchase the app or not. The features that make it the most sought after the player is that it has 10 bands optimized graphical equalizer, stereo expansion and more.

Black Player

Black Player is the tops the list of best music players loved by the fans of minimalism. It is an elegant but simplistic music player which operates on at the structure and thereby allows to customize the only you want. The ads that appear in apps are very annoying. Well, this player has no ads, ID3 tag, equalizer and supports most commonly used music files.

Google play

Google play music comes the second with live streaming service as well as a standalone music player. It provides you an option to upload up to 50,000 songs and stream if you prefer. Or it will read your files and work as a regular stock player. It helps you to update the new music in the market and stream them with a subscription which is great!


JetAudio music player is an all-time favorite with more than enough features to be a better one but still simple enough for regular and normal usage.


Mediamonkey is quite a conundrum to the music player business. It has tons of features which include organizational features like audiobook and podcasts. But still, the app works through a simple interface.


Being different always makes you stand out, and that is what n7 player does which is a reason for their success also. When other apps offer you sorting n7 creates a collage of your music. It also comes with 10 band equalizer, scrabbling tag editor and much more.


DoubleTwist is another great android music player with an average rating of 4.3 in play store. The smart feature of this app is that it has the syncing capability with iTunes.


Did you know that music is used as therapy for treating some impairment like physical, emotional and mental? How interesting is that? Youth prefer music on the go.psiphon 3 They are always in search of software or “apps” as we call them for serving various needs like, tools for adjusting the bass and vocals according to listener’s preference. So having a robust music player is a requirement.