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Genre Based Apps And Why They’re Better Than CinemaBox

There’s a lot of praise that is heaped on CinemaBox, MovieBox and Play View, and other apps of the same genres. Their praise revolves around the aspect that they’re free, though they also sport great movies and TV show titles. And while not all movies might get you value for the ticket money, there are apps available on the Play Store and the App Store that can get you a lot more entertainment. And quality entertainment, at that!

Which apps, you ask?

There are tens of apps like Snag Films, Yidio and Viewster, among others, that are centered on niches. Too often, users of the free apps have sported particular choices and tastes, such as Action films only, or more often a disdain for certain film types, like those who don’t like anything with comedy, or who don’t appreciate mainstream narrations of romance. And it is here that genre specific apps make themselves known.

A case study of two of these apps

Let’s take two apps in view. Snag Films is all about movies and content that you wouldn’t usually come across. They have movies with big stars which didn’t get popular, like ones whose stories weren’t crafted with commercial aspects in mind. They have movies from outside the English speaking world, for those looking for alternate perspectives on the commonest to the rarest of things, from sex and romance to culture and rite. There are even documentaries on rock musicians replete with fresh perspectives, films with dark themes or endings and short films. Where do you find this material?

Viewster is another app which does carry the usual crop of Hollywood movies, but focuses on Anime. Anime and animation are its two specialities, which happens to be quite in demand. Shows you wouldn’t get on the best of the “Free movie online apps” are easily found on apps like Viewster. It even helped me discover amazing new series to follow! Anime is a genre with a humongous following and yet, it is to be found only on Anime.

The problem with Free movie online apps

The problem with these Free movie online apps is that they rely too much on the tried and tested formulae of getting traffic. They’re all about the latest Spiderman movie, which is of course available in the worst prints in the first week of the release. In midst of all that hullabaloo, we miss out on the charming movies that fall under other genres. There are tens of movies releasing every month that people are going to go gaga over. But there are gems that come out only so often, and we tend to miss them.

And so, while I might get to stay updated on the latest releases on CinemaBox or Terrarium TV, Snag Films caters to my taste of Rock documentaries and Film Noir. My friend who is an Anime fan can only get so much entertainment out of the latest romcom. There is surely a whole lot of traffic for the latest dystopic-future based action film, but there are thousands who would rather watch a film biography of Harvey Milk or Amy Winehouse. As expected, Milk and Amy aren’t to be found on most of these free movie apps, except Terrarium TV (God bless you Terrarium TV! Garageband for pc). And so, I’m not impressed by CinemaBox and friends. I’ll take Yidio and Hulu any day!